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The average 401k loses up to 40% of its value due to fees over the lifetime of the plan

Fees end up costing retirement plans hundreds of thousands per individual over the lifetime of the plan. Some fees are unavoidable, while others are excessive and unnecessary.

Our expert 401k analysis program can help identify what fees are being charged, how much it costs you and your employees, and compare it to other 401k programs in the market.

We work directly with your employees to find the best 401k match for your company profile at the lowest fee structure.

Lowering fees increases the return for your employees as well, providing greater job satisfaction. In a recent survey of a local business, the employees told us that the most important factor in their retirement plan.


Our comprehensive 401k analysis can identify what you are paying in 401k fees, what impact it has on your retirement, and offer recommendations to lower your 401k fees.

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